What we do

We are a Private Equity Firm that is creating XIII.P Signature Companies that EVOLVE&ENHANCE the present state of the human experience, significantly™.

As such, within each economic context, we:

  1. Identify and isolate a human sub-experience we aim to EVOLVE&ENHANCE;
  2. Create & fundraise a partnership to lay a solid foundation for OPTIMUM Governance;
  3. Form and fundraise an Acquisition Fund i.e. Private Equity, SPAC;
  4. Make acquisitions within the eco-system of the isolated sub-experience;
  5. Form a “Merged Entity” with the acquisitions, allowing for an “Auxiliary Division” to emerge as a result;
  6. Work intimately with the “Auxiliary Division” to: research and develop a Disruptive Market Wave (with XIII.P Possibilities); gradually DNAcode the “Merged Entity” (with XIII.P Advisory and Academy);
  7. Have the “Merged Entity” deliver the DMW (through disruptive products and/or services) into the eco-system
  8. Certify the “Merged Entity” as a XIII.P Signature Company.


a XIII.P Signature Company

noun: An ecosystem leading company with a DNAcode synchronised & adaptable to continuously EVOLVE&ENHANCE the present state of the human sub-experience, significantly it exists in.